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Healthy Eating Award

Healthy Eating Certificate
The Under 5’s Healthy Eating Award is a unique programme aimed at improving the lifestyles of children under 5 years old, who are cared for outside their homes in Bedfordshire.

The award is co-ordinated by Health Services, Nutrition and Dietetics and Oral Health Promotion, working in partnership with local voluntary and statutory organisations to promote healthy lifestyles for children under 5.

Pippin is very pleased to announce that we completed all 3 years of the Healthy Under 5’s Award scheme and we are continuing to follow the best practice that we learnt during this time.

Whilst we were working towards the award the children were given the opportunity to try various healthy eating options, which included; natural yoghurt, low fat dips, humus, tomatoes, kiwi, melon etc. Some of these foods have proved not to be popular with the children and therefore we have recently updated our snack menus.

Pippin is very keen for suggestions of healthy eating options from parents and carers. Please see Sharon Goddon, our Under 5’s Healthy Eating Award Coordinator, with any suggestions.

Pippin believes that by committing to the award we are ensuring that all the snacks we provide are healthy. This will help the children to obtain the nutrition they need to sustain them during the morning session.

In order for Pippin to be awarded the Under 5’s Healthy Eating award, we had to achieve some targets which were set by the under 5’s healthy eating award team and Rose and Sharon. These are some of the targets that were achieved:

  • To write a food and drink policy Click here to view this policy
  • To write a celebrations policy Click here to view this policy
  • Update parents with information in our newsletters and on our web site
  • Provide activities that promote healthy eating and oral hygiene (i.e. food tasting)
  • For a representative to attend a training course on nutrition and oral hygiene (both Rose and Sharon attended this course)
  • Provide a healthy snack/drink at snack time – Click here to view our daily snack menus (These menus are subject to change due to availability, seasonality and offers)
  • We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on this topic.

    Click on the logo for a link to the Healthy Under 5’s website including information, recipes and more.

    The Healthy Eating Team
    Rose and Sharon collecting the award on behalf of Pippin